About us

Galatravel is a specialized “Tour Operator” in the Galapagos Islands proposing a great variety of visits in each tour.
We are a company with more than 25 years of experience offering an excellent friendly service where our clients will enjoy and they will never forget this magical place called “Enchanted islands”.
We guarantee the most memorable of experiences with tours operated with professionalism and security and where the only responsibility of the tourist is to enjoy this wonderful place.

The Galapagos tour starts with a short flight from Ecuador mainland. There are different options to visit Galapagos.
For more intimate experience we propose our 16 passengers yachts, sailing is a truly unique experience. Our Galapagos sailing boats will assure you true expedition in full comfort. (We can receive from 1 passenger onwards and if they are groups of 6 onwards we offer discounts).

You can also extend your Galapagos tour by staying at local hotels before or after your cruise. Hotel based tours can be easily arranged for island hopping tours or one day tours.

 In our service network we only use local labor
 The owners of transportation, hotels, restaurants, boats and other services for the operation of the tours are permanent residents of the Galapagos Islands
 The owners of Galatravel descended from Families settled in the Islands since 1928 when they were only inhabited Isabela Floreana and Cristóbal (The Santa Cruz Island began to inhabit some years later and today is the most populated)
 We support the environment, the conservation of the Islands and the good living of the population with reforestation programs, with less negative impact on the environment, organic agriculture
 Our infrastructure uses biodegradable products, eco-friendly equipment, environmentally friendly materials.

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